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Signature Tru facial - $85+
Basic facial including a cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, mask, + face, hand/arm massage.
Bridal facial - $115+
The oxygenating trio paired with a dermaplane facial designed to refresh dull skin, smooth texture and add glow. 
Anti-aging facial - $97+
Packed with antioxidants and brightening ingredients. Includes a cleanse, enzymatic treatment, ultrasonic, mask, and hand/arm massage.
Acne facial - $97+
Includes a deep cleanse and exfoliation with steam, a detoxifying pore treatment, extractions, and correctives to promote clear skin + boost hydration.
Dermaplane facial - $100+
A gentle exfoliation method that involves the removal of the top layers of dead skin cells and vellus hair with the use of a sterile blade. This will allow products to penetrate the skin better. It is accompanied by a revitalizing mask and hand/arm massage, leaving your complexion looking brighter and smoother with no downtime.
Honey lift facial - $125+
Massage-oriented treatment that stimulates and tones the face while also providing relaxation. It includes a cleanse, mask, facial cupping, a honey facial massage, hot towels, and massage of the neck, chest, shoulders, hands/arms, feet, and scalp.
Extractions only - $50+
Your skin will be cleansed and prepped for extractions. Extractions will be performed for up to 30 minutes if needed.
Back treatment - $125+
Includes dry brushing for physical exfoliation, a double cleanse and exfoliation, extractions, a light massage, and mask. Steam and hot towels are used throughout.
Customized chemical peel - $100+
*Consultation required
Chemical peels provide maximum benefits with minimum discomfort and little to no downtime. The corrective ingredients combined with exfoliating acids help to minimize the appearance of fine lines, even skin tone, target acne, and strengthen the skin.
*Post-procedure aftercare kit is included

Diamond glow - $130+
Non-invasive 3-in-1 treatment that combines exfoliation, extractions, and infusion of condition-specific serums to simultaneously improve skin health, function, and appearance.


Enzymatic treatment - $20
Dermaplane - $30
Extractions - $20
Ageless peptide sheet mask - $20


3 Dermaplane Facials - $270 ($30 savings)
6 Dermaplane Facials - $480 ($120 savings)
9 Dermaplane Facials - $630 ($270 savings)
12 Dermaplane Facials - $780 ($420 savings)

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