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Each massage is custom tailored exactly to the guest's needs. Must be 18 years old+ to schedule a massage.

60-minute - $89.95+
90-minute - $134.95+
120-minute - $178.95+


60-minute - $69.95+
90-minute - $109.95+
120-minute - $148.95+


We now offer monthly membership pricing for our signature massage services. With our membership program, a card on file will automatically be charged on the first spa business day each month to receive one (1) custom signature massage of your choosing.

Massages do not roll over. Massages restart at the beginning of each month. Memberships can be cancelled anytime as long as the business gets in written form of cancellation by the last day of the membership month.

Add-ons such as aromatherapy are not included within the membership pricing and would be an additional charge at the time of your appointment.


Face or neck mask - $20
Hydrating foot mask - $10

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